Rabu, 04 Mei 2011

living healthy

                                                                     Living Healthy
  This follow is style my living healthy.First,every sunday or holiday,I always at a trout.After at a trout i not drink ice.Next,i always guard from pettern on food.I also much drink of water every day.Then,i also guard stamina and try living healthy.

1.what kind of exercise do you enjoy ?
2.how often do exercise ?
3.do you try to eat healthy meals?why or why not ?
4.do you usually get enough sleep at night?how many hours of sleep do you like to get?
5.how do you usually feel after you exercise?

1.I kind of exercise enjoy is play badminton
2.I often do exercise is usually one or two day in every week
3.yes,because i want healthy live
4.yes,I sleep to get 8 hours
5.energetic,relaxed,tired and hungry

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