Rabu, 13 April 2011

How to cook instant noodles

The ingredients needs:
1.A pack of instant noodles
2.An egg
3.Some slice of meatballs
4.Some chops of vegetables

The steps to cook:
1.First, switch on the gas stove and put a sauce pan on it
2.Second, pour 400 ml(2 glasses)of water in the pan on it
3.Next, add noodles, egg, meatball and vegetables
4.After that, stir slowly for 3 minutes
5.While the noodle is being cooked, put the seasoning and chili powder in a bowl
6.Then, pour the cooked noodle together with the soup into the bowl and mix well
with oil seasoning
7.Final, spread delicious powder on it the boiled is ready to serve.

example :
5W + 1H =
-what   : what is the purpose of the text ?
-where : where place to put a sauce ?
-why    : why cook noodles mix well with oil seasoning ?
-when  : when put the seasoning in a bowl ?
-how    : how many steps are there to cook instant noodles ?

Germinating petunia seeds

You will need:
1.A packet of petunia seeds
2.A seeds tray of small pots
3.Loamy friable soil or potting mix

1.Fill seed tray with soil
2.Incorporate fertiliser into soil
3.Scatter seeds on the surface of the soil
4.Cover needs with a 3mm layer of soil, pres firmly
5.Spray water to moisten the seed bed
6.Place seed tray in warm, sunny position(at least 25°c)
7.Keep soil moist by watering gently while seeds are germinating. Seeds will
germinate. Seeds will germinate in about 10-14 days.

example :
5W + 1H =
-what kind of ingredient do we need ?
-where seeds cater ?
-how many steps are there to germinating petunia seeds ?

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