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Good morning:
06.00 a.m. – 12.00 a.m.
Good afternoon:
12.00 a.m. – 06.00 p.m.
Good evening:
06.00 p.m. – the time you go to bed
good night:
the time you go to bed

Good morning
Good evening
My name is Tiana
I am Monty
This is my friend, Widdie

We use these expressions to express gratitude
Thank you
Thank you very much
We use these expressions to respond gratitude
That`s all right
My pleasure
We use these expression to express apology
I am very sorry
I apologise for
Please excuse me
Please accept my apology
We use these expressions to respond to apology
Never mind
That’s all right
That`s OK
Please don’t be sorry
It doesn`t matter
We use these expressions to ask information
Excuse me. What is your name?
Can you tell me where you live?
Sorry to trouble you, but do you know where Anisa is?
Do you happen to know where the bank is?
We use these expressions to give information
My name is Edo.
I live in Jalan Setiabudhi
Anisa is in the post office
Go straight up the street. It`s on the left

Example of command and prohibition expression giving a command
Put the report on my desk
Bring the books
Open the door
Close the door, please
Could you, please give me the report?
Come here, please
Expressing prohibition
Don`t come late
Don`t be lazy
Don`t use those shoes
Sir? ma`am, please don`t bring any animals
Sir? Ma`am, could you please don`t enter that room?
I`m really sorry, but don’t step on the grass

Learning Essential
Language function
Giving commands
Close the door
Pen the book, please
Expressing prohibition
Don`t come late
Don`t be lazy
Grammar : verb – ing
I am reading a newspaper
They are not studying English
Are you playing a video game?
Speech act
Excuse me is a polite expression used:
To attract someone`s attention:
Excuse me, can you tell me the way to the museum, please?
To tell someone`s that you are leaving a place:
Excuse me for a moment, Mr. Astaman, but I have a lunch appointment in the minutes.
To say you are sorry when you hit someone`s accidentally, make a small mistake ect:
Oh, excuse me, did I spell your name wrong?
To ask someone`s to repeat something that they have just said:
what time is it?
excuse me?
I asked you what time is it.

Dialogue 1
Riki : is it your book?
Jamal : pardon?
Riki : I said is it your book?

Dialogue 2
Riki : I think you`re sitting on my jacket
Jamal : I do beg your pardon, I didn`t know that this was your seat.
Riki : That`s all right

People say I beg your pardon or pardon me as a very polite way of asking someone to repeat what she/he just said because you did not hear or understand it.
Example: pardon, you have to talk lauder, I can`t hear you.
The expressions are also used to say that you are sorry because you have just made a mistake.
Example: I do beg your pardon, I thought you were someone else

You use please:
When you want to ask for something politely:
I`d like a cup of coffee, please.
When politely asking to do something:
Could I speak to Brian, please?
When you are politely accepting an offer:
More toast?
Yes, please.
When requesting information:
Please, sir, how do you spell that?

Waitress: good afternoon. Can I help you.
Riki : good afternoon. yes, I`d like fried chicken with fries and a coke, please.
Waitress: would you like or regular coke?
Riki : Regular, please.
Waitress: Would you like anything else?
Riki : Yes, I`d like an ice cream, please.
Waitress: What flavour would you like?
Riki : Chocolate, please.
Waitress: OK

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